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A Little About Us

Scrap Metal Leeds

We are a company with a long-established heritage, based in Stanningley, Leeds, we are proud to be at the forefront of recycling, processing, trading and innovating within the metal processing industry.

Along with our sister company Metal Interests Ltd, we have access points in 3 locations around the UK, conveniently located to cover the North, Middle and South of England.

We pride ourselves on flexibility, adaptability and service, offering an operation that can scale according to the individual needs of our suppliers. From the individual, small scale one off transactions, to large scale processing contracts.

Our team has a combined experience of over 500 years to call on to enable us to find the right solution for each individual situation.

We also provide advisory site visits and recycling solution consultation from our team of expert staff free of charge.

We are forward thinking in our strategy and have continually invested in industry leading technology, innovations that help to streamline and optimise processes resulting in a professional, BMRA approved service at highly competitive rates.

Scrap Metal Experts

Scrap Metal Leeds

We deal with all grades of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals and we offer a complete service from ad hoc collection, to bin supply, skip provision and expert analysis. We run our own fleet of vehicles with a wide range of logistical solutions to collect and deliver your order.

Our equipment allows us to process your order for the worldwide market place. We can shear and reduce material, bale, sort, identify and segregate material.

When loads are more complex and require more refined expertise to process, such as mixed metals sorting, our experienced team can carry this out and provide comprehensive details where required.

We use state of the art machinery to sort and identify the individual grades of the majority of our metals, ensuring the metals take the most direct route back into product. We can also optimise the processing of products such as cabling, which requires stripping or granulation into Aluminium or Copper Granules.

Through our methods we offer top prices with swift payment. Our experience has generated excellent and long-term relationships with regular supply chains around the globe. We ensure a regular dialogue is maintained with key account stakeholders, to ensure that all solutions are provided on a prompt basis.

Our processes enable us to ensure that all materials take the shortest route to the best recycling solution.

Focused On Suppliers

Scrap Metal Leeds

We are BMRA Registered and ISO Accredited (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001), requiring us to continually improve and check our processes.

Scrap Metal Leeds

We take pride in our Eco Credentials and being part of the Recycling Industry, our approach to handling metals is designed to make the most of this ethos.

Scrap Metal Leeds

Our friendly, professional and highly trained team in Stanningley are 100% focused on ensuring our suppliers receive excellent service every time you visit site.

Whether you are a manufacturer, an engineering company, a local authority or a private individual, we can offer you least cost, and the best rates and we have a reputation for honesty, integrity and a reliable excellent service.




Why Choose Infinity Metals

Best Rates

Our processes, strategies and access to global markets enables us to provide the most competitive rates for your scrap.


Our Staff are highly trained, we are BMRA Registered, and our business processes are Quality Assured and Certified (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001).


Experience counts for a lot in the industry and we have a combined knowledge base of 500 years. We have the skills and knowledge to maximise the values you will receive for the material you sell.

Friendly and Approachable

We are a family owned and run company. The good relationships we have with our suppliers worldwide is of paramount importance. It is part of the key ethos of the company and our team are totally focused on giving our suppliers the best experience possible. It is our job to enable all materials to take the shortest route to the best recycling and we believe in working with our suppliers to achieve this.

Our Facilities

We have the scale to be able to handle your requirements. We have complete confidence in being able to provide the right solution for your material. Large or small, each job is given the same due care and attention.

Flexible Range Of Services

Call us or arrange a visit from our team to identify the best way to handle your material. We have bins, skips, trucks and multiple locations which can meet your requirement. Our team is here to take the strain out of the process for all our suppliers.




Our Services

Metal Sorting

Scrap Metal Leeds

As a regular supplier, we help your metal recycling process at the source by providing separate bins for each type of metal within your production of engineering process. We also offer a regular and ad-hoc collection service keep your scrap metal moving.

If metals arrived mixed to us, our experienced team carry out the sortation process on-site.

Once the material is divided in to ferrous and non-ferrous metals we start the final sort into individual groups ready for processing and recycling.

Products such as cabling which require stripping and granulation are then processed into the copper, aluminium or steel granules using state-of-the-art machines.

Once sorted, the scrap metal is then ready to be processed, traded and recycled.

Metal Trading

Scrap Metal Leeds

We have years of experience and are actively involved with trade in over 15 countries, including China, Korea, Indonesia, India, Eastern and Central Europe. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have developed with both suppliers and customers.

Material is sold and packaged in accordance with international trade specifications, tailored according to individual customer’s requirements.

We have the facilities to enable Letters of Credit and Documentary Presentations, trade in multiple currencies and have hedging facilities. We can also offer formula contracts employing terminal markets.

We ship in line with current Inco Terms and have access to 20ft/40ft/40ft high top containers, trailers and bulk tippers.

Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Leeds

Our works are equipped with a full range of metal processing machinery including baling and shearing to prepare material for your requirements.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery for metal recycling, ensuring the most effective separation techniques in the industry for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our unique processes include advanced pre-shredding which improves recycle rates by reducing metals ahead of fragmentisation and enhanced downstream technologies which further separate materials for steel, lead, aluminium and copper recycling.

All of our recycling is approved and carried out to stringent BMRA regulations and guidelines to ensure a high quality end product ready for re-use.

Metals We Recycle

Metal Products We Recycle


  •  Cast Iron
  •  Cast Iron Borings
  •  Light Steel Cuttings
  •  Punchings
  •  Short Profile
  •  Steel Turnings
  •  Fragmented & Shredded Steel
  •  12A & 12C
  •  Plate & Girder
  •  Short Constructional
  •  And many more...

Non Ferrous

  •  Old Rolled Aluminium
  •  Copper, Aluminium Radiators/Talk
  •  Shredded Floated Aluminium
  •  Aluminium Turnings
  •  Brass Rod Swarf
  •  Brass & Copper Radiators
  •  Aluminium Extrusions
     (HE9/6063, H30/6082)
  •  Shredded Stainless Steel
  •  0-10, 10-50, 30-90mm Mixed Heavies
  •  Incinerated Aluminium Copper Tanks
  •  Electric Motors
  •  Heavy Copper or Birch Cliff
  •  Miscellaneous Cables
  •  Litho Aluminium
  •  Copper Wire
  •  Copper Tube
  •  Mill Berry
  •  Cast Aluminium
  •  Aluminium Cuttings
  •  Aluminium Wheels
  •  Aluminium Cans
  •  And many more...

Other Materials

  •  Household Cable
  •  Pluggy Cable
  •  SWA Cable
  •  Motors
  •  Armatures
  •  Rotors
  •  Zorba
  •  And many more...

We are always happy to discuss your material and if it is not listed above please contact us for a quotation.




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